Fischer Random results

The good players seemed to still win.  The games themselves seemed alien until at some point they became normalized.  I found it harder to create open positions.  We have to thank Peter McConaghie for suggesting that we try this.  So Pete mark down Nov. 15th because we will give it another go then.

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Additional Info

These are the starting positions.




# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Tot
1 Mike Leali W7 W3 W2 3.0
2 Peter Ayler W4 W8 L1 2.0
3 Wayne Zimmerle W14 L1 W8 2.0
4 Justin Brown L2 W15 W9 2.0
5 Jon Daker W9 L7 W14 2.0
6 Tom Taylor W16 W10 U--- 2.0
7 Sajjan Gayam L1 W5 U--- 1.0
8 Laszlo Naszodi W15 L2 L3 1.0
9 Drew Streitmatter L5 W14 L4 1.0
10 Andy Voss W12 L6 U--- 1.0
11 Matthew Johnson L13 L12 W15 1.0
12 Ashwin Parupalli L10 W11 U--- 1.0
13 Partha Nookala W11 U--- U--- 1.0
14 Josh Johnson L3 L9 L5 0.0
15 Jeremiah Johnson L8 L4 L11 0.0
16 Fred Malcome L6 U--- U--- 0.0