Tri-Valley Scholastic Chess Tournament

Results from the tournament held at Tri-Valley Middle School on January 11, 2003

Sponsored by the Tri-Valley Chess Club


Lower Primary Division



            1st place – Tri-Valley

            2nd place – Peoria Academy

            3rd place – Holy Trinity

            4th place – Colene Hoose

            5th place – Washington, Bloomington


            1st place – Aaron Tagala, Tri-Valley

            2nd place – Zeke Benshirim, Individual

            3rd place – Tyler May, Prairieland

            4th place – Sarah Valentine, Colene Hoose

            5th place – Alexander Su, Metcalf


            1st place – Nisha Kishore, Peoria Academy

            2nd place – Trevor Merkley, Peoria Academy

            3rd place –  Kendall Koe, Colene Hoose

            4th place – Benjamin Christian, Peoria Academy

            5th place – Andrew Bates, Colene Hoose

            6th place – Evan Johnson, Washington

            7th place – Austin Spencer, Tri-Valley

            8th place – Ryan Scott, Metcalf

Tie Break – Paul Wang, Peoria Academy; Richard Collins, Holy Trinity

First Grade

1st place – George Ruan, Countryside     

            2nd place – Ryan Reilly, Washington

            3rd place – Levi Justice, Stevenson

            4th place – Mitchell Morris, Oakland

            5th place – Joseph Weinrich, Washington Dist. 52

            6th place – Saya Nath, Peoria Academy

            7th place – Colin Pitt, Countryside

            8th place – Brandon Bakewell, Tri-Valley

Tie Break – Joseph Johnson, Metcalf; Justin Debo, Holy Trinity; Lucas Hammer,

Tri-Valley; Joey Craven, Holy Trinity

Rating Trophies

            Under 300 – Riley Potter, Holy Trinity

            Over 299 –  Brandon Leifheit, Oakland

            Top Unrated – Nick Saulcy, Tri-Valley



Upper Primary Division



            1st place – Glenn

            2nd place – Prairieland

            3rd place – Metcalf

            4th place – Tri-Valley

            5th place – Northpoint


            1st place -  Matthew Tsao, Prairieland

            2nd place – Spencer Ludwig, Glenn

            3rd place – David Castillo, Metcalf

            4th place – Jeremy Braun, Glenn

            5th place – Christine Peterson, Tri-Valley

Second Grade

            1st place – Ryan Merkley, Peoria Academy

            2nd place – Patrick Wong, Countryside

            3rd place – Elise Cather, Prairieland

            4th place – Aarron Lebow, Grove

            5th place – Bradley Bernovich, Washington Dist. 52

            6th place – Michael Braun, Metcalf

            7th place – Ryan Curtis, Washington, Blm.

            8th place – Jennifer Morley, Prairieland

            Tie Break – Zachary Lucas, Glenn; Austin Jones, Grove; Athena Kulb, Tri-

Valley; Abraham Miller, Tri-Valley; Jacob Anderson, Bent; Chase Wilson, Washington Dist. 52; Sage Cofield, Oakland; Jay Simmons, Metcalf           

Third Grade

            1st place – Andrew Kuntz, Holy Trinity

            2nd place – Mitchell Styczynski, Metcalf

            3rd place – Timmy Wert, Tri-Valley

            4th place – Curtis Weise, Oakland

            5th place – Brian McCarthy, Holy Trinity

            6th place – Jordan Evans, Tri-Valley

            7th place – Jay Siegrist, Northpoint

            8th place – Chad Roberts, Tri-Valley

            Tie Break – Cole Mecum, Northpoint; Nathan Moore, Glenn; Yang Yang Feng,

Northpoint; Charlie Volz, Metcalf; Alexander Roberts, Bent; Alex Francisco, Stevenson; David Hall, Glenn

Rating Trophies

            Under 500 – Bryan Pratt, Colene Hoose

            Over 499 – Alexander Kayser, Prairieland

            Top Unrated – Sheya Shah, Oakland


Elementary Division



            1st place – Metcalf

            2nd place – Bent

            3rd place – Oakland

            4th place – Countryside

            5th place – Peoria Academy


            1st place – Aaron Barton, Bent

            2nd place – Josh Ayers, Metcalf

            3rd place – Dan Nibbelin, Metcalf

            4th place – Nicholas Jones, Grove

            5th place – Joseph Roig, Oakland

4th Grade

            1st place – Eric Schmidt, Bent

            2nd place – Dominick Leali, Peoria Academy

            3rd place – Nate May, Prairieland

            4th place – Luke Nayak, Metcalf

            5th place – Kyle Sullivan, Countryside

            6th place – Drew Potter, Metcalf

            7th place – Roman Endrizzi, Oakdale

            8th place – Grant Hanley, Colene Hoose

5th Grade

            1st place – Tim Colombo, Countryside

            2nd place – Felix Tsao, Prairieland

            3rd place – Philip Scheets, Oakland

            4th place – Nicholas Weise, Oakland

            5th place – Neil Pearson, Countryside

            6th place – Jacob Birlingmair, Oakdale

            7th place – Eric Cather, Prairieland

            8th place – Gordon Ruan, Countryside

            Tie Break – Eric Stauffer, Colene Hoose; Thomas Splittstoesser, Northpoint;

Keegan Saajasto, Metcalf; Chase Geiser, Tri-Valley; Karthik Patil, Oakland; John Waltrip, Oakdale; Craig Spanton, Northpoint; Mudrekh Goderya, Colene Hoose

Rating Trophies

            Under 500 – Michael Reilly, Washington, Blm.

            Over 499 – Matthew Burns, Colene Hoose

            Top Unrated – Prashant Guha, Peoria Academy


Junior High Division



            1st place – Parkside Junior High

            2nd place – Bloomington Junior High

            3rd place – Chiddix

            4th place – Tri-Valley

            5th place – Metcalf


            1st place – Jason Chien, Bent

            2nd place – Evan Cather, Prairieland

            3rd place – Timothy Foote, Parkside

            4th place – Sean Comerford, BJHS

            5th place – Matt May, Prairieland

6th Grade

            1st place – Jared Placek, Tri-Valley

            2nd place – Kyle Scott, Tri-Valley

            3rd place – Daniel Borup, Countryside

            4th place – Carolyn Ayers, Metcalf

            5th place – Jack Capodice, Metcalf

            6th place – David Kulb, Tri-Valley

            7th place – Ben Leifheit, BJHS

            8th place – Jacob Switzer, BJHS

7th Grade

            1st place – Tao Wang, Parkside

            2nd place – Eric Meier, Parkside

            3rd place – Josh Strong, BJHS

            4th place – Josh Braun, Chiddix

            5th place – Derek Spanton, Chiddix

            6th place – William Strickland, Washington Dist. 52

            7th place – Josh Jones, Chiddix

            8th place – Michael Burns, Chiddix

            Tie Break – Cameron Johnson, BJHS

8th Grade

            1st place – Michael Schertz, Parkside

            2nd place – Connor Allison, BJHS

            3rd place – Zachary Saajasto, Metcalf

            4th place – Michael Lieder, BJHS

            5th place – Evan Greiner, Parkside

            6th place – Eric Yoder, Parkside

            7th place – Vinnie Guaderrama

            8th place – Ben Egts, Chiddix

            Tie Break – Michael Rotsch, Chiddix

Rating Trophies

            Over 599 – James Risoli, BJHS

            Under 600 – Nathan Alden, Metcalf