Henry Getz is the new 5 minute no delay speed champion.

This is a tournament designed on purpose to be hard to win.  It favors the stronger players.

After the first running of this we changed format so as not to rely on tiebreak systems.

The second iteration of this didn't require any tiebreaks so it wasn't an issue.

This third running went like this.

The qualifier event.

# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Henry Getz W16 W2 W5 W4 W6 5.0
2 Mike Leali W9 L1 W11 W7 W4 4.0
3 Murrel Rhodes W15 W12 L4 W8 W5 4.0
4 Andy Voss W13 W6 W3 L1 L2 3.0
5 Wayne Zimmerle W12 W7 L1 W11 L3 3.0
6 Partha Nookala W18 L4 W13 W10 L1 3.0
7 Dominick Leali W14 L5 W17 L2 W11 3.0
8 Peter McConaghie W19 L11 W9 L3 W13 3.0
9 Drew Streitmatter L2 W18 L8 W17 W14 3.0
10 Fred Malcome L11 W19 W14 L6 W12 3.0
11 Christian Nikolopoulos W10 W8 L2 L5 L7 2.0
12 Justin Brown L5 L3 W16 W15 L10 2.0
13 Matthew Johnson L4 W16 L6 W18 L8 2.0
14 Jeremiah Johnson L7 B--- L10 W19 L9 2.0
15 Dave Sparks L3 L17 W19 L12 W18 2.0
16 Christos Nikolopoulos L1 L13 L12 B--- D17 1.5
17 Josh Johnson U--- W15 L7 L9 D16 1.5
18 Jon Daker L6 L9 B--- L13 L15 1.0
19 Harsha Jujjavarapu L8 L10 L15 L14 B--- 1.0

We had three clear cut qualifers and 7 ties for the remaining slot.

So we cut the time down to Game 3 and said we would play until we had

a clear leader.

Which led to this.

# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Tot
1 Peter McConaghie W4 W5 2.0
2 Wayne Zimmerle W5 D3 1.5
3 Andy Voss W6 D2 1.5
4 Drew Streitmatter L1 W6 1.0
5 Fred Malcome L2 L1 0.0
6 Dominick Leali L3 L4 0.0

After two rounds Peter McConaghie was alone at the top of the pack.

If either Andy or Wayne had settled for a loss then a third round would have been played.

So the finals looked like this.

# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Tot
1 Henry Getz W2 W3 W4 3.0
2 Mike Leali L1 W4 W3 2.0
3 Peter McConaghie W4 L1 L2 1.0
4 Murrel Rhodes L3 L2 L1 0.0

This gave Henry the clean clear win.