The Blitz Championship April 17, 2006 

Game 5  No delay  

First there is a qualifier event of 5 rounds.  The top 4 finshers play a round robin

to determine the Champion and possessor of the traveling trophy.

Note the 8 way tie for third.   So Henry and Wayne are automatically in.

The 8 players with 3 points have a elimination playoff.  If you lose you are out.

And did I mention the time control goes to Game 3 no delay?

# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Henry Getz W16 W11 W4 W3 W6 5.0
2 Wayne Zimmerle W12 W7 L3 W11 W4 4.0
3 Andy Voss W17 W5 W2 L1 L7 3.0
4 Partha Nookala W19 W13 L1 W7 L2 3.0
5 Ron Suarez W9 L3 W8 L6 W12 3.0
6 Michael Leali L8 W18 W12 W5 L1 3.0
7 Peter McConaghie W15 L2 W16 L4 W3 3.0
8 Bob Dreessen W6 L16 L5 W10 W11 3.0
9 Justin Brown L5 W17 L11 W16 W13 3.0
10 Mike Malone U--- W14 W13 L8 W16 3.0
11 Drew Streitmatter W18 L1 W9 L2 L8 2.0
12 Mukesh Muthu L2 W15 L6 W14 L5 2.0
13 Harsha Jujjavarapu W14 L4 L10 W17 L9 2.0
14 Matthew Johnson L13 L10 W15 L12 W18 2.0
15 Steven Creamers L7 L12 L14 W18 W17 2.0
16 Dave Sparks L1 W8 L7 L9 L10 1.0
17 Jack Richardson L3 L9 W18 L13 L15 1.0
18 Jon Daker L11 L6 L17 L15 L14 0.0
19 Fred Malcome L4 U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.0

The Playoff for the last two slots.  In the first round Peter,

Andy and Bob win eliminating Michael, Mike and Partha.  But Ron and Justin draw.

So they switch colors and play Game 3 again.   This time Ron wins.

In Round 2 Peter and Andy come out victorious and move on to the finals.

# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Tot
1 Peter McConaghie W7 W3 2.0
2 Andy Voss W6 W4 2.0
3 Bob Dreessen W8 L1 1.0
4 Ron Suarez D5 L2 0.5
5 Justin Brown D4 U--- 0.5
6 Michael Leali L2 U--- 0.0
7 Mike Malone L1 U--- 0.0
8 Partha Nookala L3 U--- 0.0

The Round Robin Finals.  

Going into the last round it was Peter McConaghies to win.

He had Wayne on the ropes but blundered under the time pressure and

Wayne went on to win forcing yet another play off,

this time between Peter and Henry, which Henry won

# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Tot
1 Peter McConaghie W2 W4 L3 2.0
2 Henry Getz L1 W3 W4 2.0
3 Wayne Zimmerle L4 L2 W1 1.0
4 Andy Voss W3 L1 L2 1.0